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Founding Donors

We put this section first on purpose. Each and every person on this list, who helped us get started, made the dream of Challenge Accepted become a reality. You made this possible, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are the foundation, you are the rock.

  • Dana and Paula Chapman
  • Kelly Cossaboom
  • Bob and Barbara Daigneault
  • Andrew Debergalis
  • David DiBalsi
  • Carol Edmunds (in memory of Michael Squires)
  • Craig Eppley
  • Harold Eppley
  • Jack Eppley
  • Randy and Linda Eppley
  • Geno Forgit
  • Daniel Gile
  • Tyler “Johnny” Hopkins
  • Marilyn Kendall
  • Valerie Koloseus
  • Kristen Lauer
  • Lucy Lukason
  • Scot and Anita Mack
  • Mark McCormick
  • Krista Mcdonagh
  • Meghan McHerrick
  • Barbara and Larry Morris
  • Larry Morris, III
  • Beth Patrikas
  • Dave Polcaro
  • William F. Reilly
  • William M. Reilly
  • Amber and Joanna Smith Vance
  • Lucien and Isabella Spelman
  • Lyubov Tsytsikova
  • Kara Vautour
  • Chris Walker
  • Randi Woodrow
  • Veronica Zenaro

In-Kind Donations

Money talks but money isn’t everything! Want to help but don’t know how to without emptying your wallet? Consider an in-kind donation. Challenge Accepted seeks donations for services, donating airline miles for veterans to travel to/from events or providing lodging if you’re a property owner in the event area are other huge ways to help!

Challenge Accepted spends time at events like the Snowbound Expo advocating for disabled veterans, educating the public on veteran-related topics, getting the word out about Challenge Accepted and…of course ….fundraising! Maybe you have something to donate for a raffle item like new snowboarding equipment, a gift certificate to your own business/services, a weekend at your vacation home (for all those AirBnb or VRBO folks!).

Email us at to set up your in-kind donations!

Shop (Coming Soon!)

Challenge Accepted is in the process of getting merchandise ready.

Have an idea for merchandise you want? Let us know and maybe we can add it to our shop! Stay tuned!